Our  Mission 

To advance the long-term preservation of nature and biodiversity in the tropics and other priority areas worldwide.

Our Vision

We envision a time when all the world’s species, including humanity, are sustained by a global network of natural spaces which protects the world’s ecosystems and habitats. We recognize this is a multi-generational effort where individuals and the private sector can play a significant role in effecting change on a large scale. To achieve this vision, we are working in coordination with similar groups to achieve the changes needed to protect the world’s species and ecosystems upon which we all depend for survival.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support innovative and effective conservation efforts around the world. We look for work done by NGOs, community groups, and indigenous peoples that protects and sustains global biodiversity and ecosystems in perpetuity. We seek to magnify the impact that individual and business charitable support can have by pooling resources and directing them to well-managed and cost-effective international conservation projects.

Our approach combines rigorous science with a deep understanding of local to national dynamics. We prioritize working closely with indigenous communities, integrating their traditional knowledge and addressing socio-economic aspects to ensure our ecological initiatives are effective, sustainable, and culturally sensitive.

Our Approach

We seek to partner with local conservation organizations who conduct project activities in the field and who work with us to develop project plans and budgets. They know best what needs doing and how to go about it. They are able to deliver excellent conservation results with good value in relation to cost and risk. We work closely with our Canadian partner International Conservation Fund of Canada who originated and manage many of these projects.

We don’t apply arbitrary criteria for the kind of projects we will support. Conservation solutions tend to be quite site specific and might include:

  • Landscape level conservation by supporting the creation of new or expanded conservation reserves
  • Support for work that establishes corridors or connected ecosystems, including elevational gradients that allow species to adapt to climate change
  • Support for Indigenous rights and Indigenous conservation of ecosystems
  • Focus on regions inhabited by Endangered Fauna (Threatened, Endangered and Endemic Species) as umbrella species for those ecosystems
  • Support for conservation of migratory corridors by sea, land and air that can benefit migratory species along their routes of travel like elephants, shorebirds, whales and monarch butterflies

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keep the remaining tropical wilderness intact


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